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Improving Dental Implant Success with Sinus Lifts in Toronto

Understanding Sinus Lifts

In Toronto, sinus lifts are important for successful dental implants, especially when the upper jaw doesn’t have enough bone after tooth removal. These lifts strengthen the base for implants by adding more bone to the maxillary sinus area.

Why Sinus Lifts are Done

Sinus lifts are necessary when there's a thin bone wall between the maxillary sinus and the mouth, which makes it hard to securely place dental implants. This procedure aims to make the sinus floor stronger, allowing successful attachment and stability for implants.

Who Benefits from Sinus Lifts

In Toronto, people who have lost multiple back teeth, experienced a lot of bone loss in the back part of their jaw, or need help supporting implants due to certain conditions benefit from sinus lifts.

The Process of Sinus Lifts in Toronto

At our Toronto office, we perform a careful surgery where we access the jawbone, lift the sinus membrane gently, and fill the space with specific bone grafting materials. This starts a healing period of a few months during which the new bone combines with the patient's jaw, making a strong base for dental implants.

Step-by-Step and Recovery

In Toronto, we can do sinus lifts and place implants together if there's enough bone for the implants to be secure. But if more bone is needed, we do the sinus lift first and wait for the graft to get stronger before placing the implants.

Improving Implant Success with Bone Graft

Why Bone Grafting is Important

In Toronto, bone grafting is essential for successful dental implants. This process strengthens the implant area, making a sturdy base for implants to be healthy, especially when natural bone isn’t enough.

Ensuring Implants Work in Toronto

In Toronto, our team customizes bone grafting to fit each person's needs, focusing on comfort and successful results. We make sure the environment is stable for successful implant placement.

Help and Advice in Toronto

If you're in Toronto and want more information about bone grafting and sinus lifts for your situation, talk to our team. We're here to give personalized care, ensuring your comfort and answering your questions throughout your dental implant journey.

Feel free to contact us in Toronto for complete care and guidance made just for you. We aim for successful bone graft & sinus lift procedures that lead to long-lasting dental implant success.

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