Cone Beam CT Imaging Toronto

Cone Beam CT Imaging Toronto

Advanced Cone Beam CT Imaging at 3D Smile Dental Clinic in Toronto

At 3D Smile Dental Clinic, we proudly introduce cutting-edge Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging technology, setting a new standard in precision diagnosis and treatment for dental concerns. Our state-of-the-art Gendex cone beam CT scanner facilitates the generation of high-resolution 3D images of your oral cavity, heralding a revolution in our approach to oral healthcare in Toronto.

Revolutionary Cone Beam CT Technology for Comprehensive Diagnostics

CBCT Technology

Utilizing cone-shaped x-rays and advanced software, our Cone Beam CT technology reconstructs intricate 3D images of your mouth, face, and jaw swiftly and comfortably, typically in under 20 seconds while you remain seated. Our digital scanner significantly reduces radiation exposure compared to conventional CT scanners, prioritizing your safety. With a lead apron and diligent oversight by our highly trained staff, your exposure is minimized without compromising diagnostic precision.

Enhanced Precision for Dental Implant Placement and Diagnostic Capabilities

Following the completion of the scan, your dentist gains access to an incredibly detailed view of your oral structures surpassing traditional panoramic and CT scans. This 3D reconstruction empowers our dentists to detect various health issues, including early signs of oral cancer, while enabling meticulous evaluation of jaw bone density and structure, crucial for precise dental implant placement. This ensures secure implant placement without interference with nerve canals or sinus chambers, saving you valuable time and expenses by streamlining the implant process within our clinic.

Empowering Care with CBCT

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) represents the pinnacle of diagnostic capability in dentistry today. This specialized x-ray generates a three-dimensional (3-D) image of the mouth, providing unparalleled insights into nerve paths, soft tissues, and bone within the craniofacial region, supporting the creation of more predictable and precise treatment plans.

Key Uses of CBCT

Our team of dentists frequently recommends CBCT for various critical reasons, including surgical tooth removal planning, accurate implant placement assessment, evaluation of sinus, jaw, nasal, and nerve cavities for treatment, determining teeth orientation within the bone, identifying sources of pain or pathology, orthodontic treatment analysis, and assessment for reconstructive surgery needs.

At 3D Smile Dental Clinic, our adoption of Cone Beam CT imaging underscores our commitment to providing you with the safest, most advanced, and comprehensive dental care available in Toronto. Experience the future of oral healthcare with us!

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